Picture of Flax
Picture of Flax
Picture of Flax
Picture of Flax
Picture of Flax
Picture of Flax


SKU: ZH-21
Design Code: ZH-21
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Color: Ice Blue Fabric: Net Work Details: Hand Embellishment

Product Details

In this captivating ice blue ensemble, elegance and allure intertwine seamlessly. The intricate silver work embellishes the fabric, creating a dazzling display that catches the light and sparkles like stars in the night sky. The addition of uncut pearls in various sizes adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, elevating the ensemble to a realm of pure opulence. The dress paired with a short jacket, with its graceful silhouette, embraces the body's curves with a sense of enchantment. As it cascades downward, it exudes a sense of fluidity and movement, resembling the gentle sway of ocean waves. The ice blue hue complements the silver work beautifully, creating a harmonious balance that is both captivating and soothing.


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