Picture of Marigold
Picture of Marigold
Picture of Marigold
Picture of Marigold
Picture of Marigold
Picture of Marigold


SKU: ZH-20
Design Code: ZH-20
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Color: Mango Yellow Fabric: Net Work Details: Hand Embellishment

Product Details

Prepare to make a grand entrance in an ensemble that perfectly marries extravagance with sleek sophistication. At the heart of this show-stopping outfit is the embellished jacket, a true masterpiece that commands attention and exudes opulence. The jacket is adorned with intricate embellishments that catch the light with every movement and takes center stage. Its luxurious fabric shimmers and glimmers, creating a mesmerizing play of textures and tones. The jacket drapes gracefully, creating an aura of regal elegance as it envelopes the wearer. Adding a contemporary twist to classic elegance, the skirt complements the jacket flawlessly. The skirt's unique silhouette accentuates curves while allowing for easy mobility, making a statement that is both bold and refined. This outfit redefines modern chic, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair. Every element, from the dazzling jacket to the form fitting skirt and the lavish embellishments on the blouse, comes together in perfect harmony. You become the embodiment of elegance, confidence, and a fearless sense of style that captivates all who behold you.


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