Picture of Rosa
Picture of Rosa
Picture of Rosa
Picture of Rosa
Picture of Rosa
Picture of Rosa


SKU: ZH-24
Design Code: ZH-24
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Color: Pink & White Fabric: Net Work Details: Hand Embellishment

Product Details

This haute couture dress comes to life with gorgeous floral designs in delicate shades of pink and white all over that creates a mesmerizing juxtaposition of elegance and fragility. The form fitting dress gracefully hugs the curves of her body exuding confidence and glamor while the corset floats like a delicate masterpiece. Its intricate design attracts the eye and holds it in an enchanting look. The corset seems to crystallize the essence of femininity, encasing the wearer's torso in a glistening web of artistry, adorned with a cape decorated with the use of swaroskis, sequins, uncut pearls and zardozi handmade work. The intricate designs add depth and dimension, casting shadows that seem to dance and sway with the slightest movement of the dress.


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