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Step into sophistication with our black cheetah luxurious dress, featuring intricate hand-embroidered sequins and crystals arranged in stunning architectural patterns. This 3-piece separate ensemble exudes opulence and style.


A statement Black long sequined jacket!
This is a long hand embellished sequined jacket paired with long inside adorned with black embroidery and self on self crystal and sequin embellishments.



From Day to Night: Transform any occasion with this classic contemporary outfit - featuring a beige gold base and delicate off-white embroidery, the corset dress boasts an architectural, bondage-Inspired silhouette for a daring and edgy touch - and when the Sun Sets, simply ditch the cropped Jacket for effortlessly chic Nighttime Glam!"


Radiant as the stars, exquisite as the pearls, behold the dress that glistens with Swarovski crystals and delicately handcrafted silk threads, a masterpiece that drips with elegance and glamour like dewdrops on a fine French mesh - a sight to leave you breathless!"
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This design has roman architectural inspired seperates with power shoulder situation going on in silver grey hue. It has handwork of swaroskis and crystals in a setting of lines and arches. Perfect for any glamourous evening.
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Step into the Spotlight: Hand-Sewn Leaves, Crystals, and Tassels Merge in a Cutwork Jacket, while Silk-Thread Embroidery Dances Alongside Lamè Sequined Flare Pants - Embody High Drama and Glamour in this Three-Piece Ensemble!"
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Radiate Elegance: Swarovski, Crystals, and Pearls Embellish a Stunning Rosetta Window Sketch on a Serene Aqua Canvas - Complemented by a Dazzling Crystal Bralet and Pants, this Ensemble Brings a Touch of Oceanic Magic to Your Wardrobe!"
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Make an Unforgettable Entrance: Contemporary glamour meets traditional elegance in this Exquisite Bridal Gown - Featuring a breathtaking trail and stunning handwork throughout, the bold Shaped Blouse Sets a modern tone for the bride who wants to make a statement on her Special Day!"
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Elevate Your Style Game with this Gorgeous Halter Hand-Embroidered Dress - Featuring a Versatile Baggy Cape that Can Be Styled in Endless Ways, This Ensemble Offers Limitless Possibilities for the Chic and Bold Fashion Lover - And for the Ultimate Classy Touch, Pair with Sheer Pants and Let Your Unique Style Shine!"
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Exude peculiar sizzle in this artistic gold outfit meticulously crafted with bead work of gleaming cut glass and intricate swarovksi skillfully arranged to illusionize a mesh on a french web tulle base. Paired along is an exquisite bolero jacket with scintillating work details giving it a heavenly charm of sizzle and enticement.
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Noire, with its stellar silhouette, features a self-on-self crystalline constellation with a stunning blend of black tones. The look is paired with a beautifully crafted bralet. A cropped jacket detailed to perfection and stunning pants making it an edgy piece with unique hand embellishments making it a splendid fit for perfect intimate evening gatherings.
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Solasta is impeccably crafted on an absolutely captivating shade of gold and beige breathing life into contemporary glamour. The look is splendidly inspired from the constellation of sparkling stars and luminous clouds. The inner gown has silver gold fused work with edgy top craftsmanship for the glam red carpet or for sizzling sangeet appearance, which gets even more enhanced when paired with an effortless yet impactful trail gown on top.
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